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Queen Helene 9K Gold Necklace

Made of gold (9 Karat), and set with moonstones, pearls and green agate.
Price$ 860


Gold Pearl Necklace

Found: At the City of David`s Givati Parking Lot Excavation at the entrance to the City of David. According to archaeologists, the earring was discovered in nearly pristine condition.


Date: 2,000 years ago, sometime during the Roman Period of Jerusalem.


Pendant length: 4 cm

Pendant width: 1.5 cm
Necklace length: 44 cm

The Inspiration

Inspired by the Gold Earring
Gold Earring

A gold earring set with pearls and precious stones was discovered in the Ancient Tyropoeon Valley excavation at the Givati Parking Lot by the entrance to the City of David. Because of the value and quality of the earring, it is assumed that it belonged to woman of prominent stature from Jerusalem's Roman Period, 2000 years ago. Since it was discovered in a later layer of the excavation, it is thought to have passed by inheritance from generation to generation.


Queen Helene

This collection was inspired by a 2,000 year old earring that was found in Jerusalem.
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